Sell downloads and CDs worldwide

With the help of CD Baby, you can:

  • Sell MP3s in all the major download stores (iTunes, Amazon, Google, and more)
  • Get your music on streaming sites like Spotify, Rhapsody, and Rdio.
  • Sell CDs and vinyl in record stores around the world
  • Collect songwriter royalties anytime your original music is used on radio, TV, or YouTube

CD Baby enables artists to do all this and more. All it takes is a song, a recording, and a one-time distribution fee ($9.95 for a single. $49 for an album).

Quickstart guide

An official release is an official release. Once your music is published, there are no take-backs — so please consider the following before selling your music online:

  • Sound quality: Listen to your new release on multiple stereos (car, iPod, home system). Make sure there are no surprises.
  • Mastering: Get your song mastered for optimum audio quality.
  • Source files: You’ll want to upload a high quality lossless version of your audio in Wav or FLAC format. MP3s are compressed audio files, and are therefore not optimum source files. Learn more about uploading audio.
  • Meta data: Write down all your song names and songwriter info before you submit your album or single. You’ll need that info when you sign up.
  • Cover songs: If you’re distributing a song you did not write, you’ll need to acquire the appropriate license(s)
  • Cover artwork: Make sure you have cover artwork in the proper format.
  • Product-type: Are you pressing CDs or doing a digital-only release? Selling CDs online and at shows means more money in your pocket.
  • Album release: Do you have a target date in mind to release your album? While it only takes a few days to get your album selling online, we recommend submitting your album a month before your release date to ensure you get your album selling in as many places as possible prior to its release.
Sell your music online

Remember, with CD Baby your music will be sold in more stores than with any other distributer. You’ll also have access to music promotion tools like the Facebook MusicStore, the MusicStore widget, and the retail store, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? The world wants to hear your music!

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