Sell cover songs - legally - without expensive lawyers or complicated paperwork.

In order to sell a song you didn’t write yourself, you need to obtain a license. With our partners Easy Song Licensing and Loudr, you can easily and cheaply obtain the mechanical licenses required in order to legally sell and distribute cover songs in any format (download, CD, vinyl, etc.)

Sell cover songs worldwide

When you use CD Baby to sell your cover song(s), you can reach a worldwide audience. We make it easy. Just sign up at either Easy Song Licensing or Loudr and provide some basic information about the song you’re covering; choose the format you’ll be distributing (MP3, CD, etc.) and the number of units; then pay via credit card or Paypal and they'll take care of the rest.

Once you have acquired your license, you can sign up to sell your music on iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, and dozens of other music stores around the world with CD Baby distribution.

How to license a cover song podcast

Podcast: How to license a cover song

Many CD Baby artists have achieved success selling cover songs. In this episode, Scott Sellwood formerly of RightsFlow, YouTube and now an advisor to Loudr shows us how to properly license a cover song in the digital age.

Listen to the podcast
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