Get your songs placed in films, videos, TV, video games, and more.

Money earned from sync licensing placements has become a valuable and growing revenue stream for CD Baby artists. Our sync licensing program is a free add-on for all Standard and Pro releases, so you can start making money by licensing your songs too, from YouTube ad revenue and micro-sync licensing, all the way to feature film placements.

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How do artists make money from CD Baby Sync Licensing?

Selling downloads and CDs is not the only way to make money with your music. Licensing music for TV shows, movies, YouTube videos, commercials, video games, presentations, and more is generating millions of dollars in additional revenue for CD Baby artists. From micro-sync opportunities to big Hollywood feature films, with CD Baby’s sync licensing program you’ll get paid every time a consumer or creative professional uses YOUR MUSIC as part of the soundtrack to their next project.

Get music placed in TV, film, video games, and more

Get music placed in TV, film, video games, and more:

CD Baby artists are getting their music placed on network television programs, in high-profile ad campaigns, video games, feature films, and more. Some recent CD Baby Sync payouts include a $15,000 product spot, as well as a network TV placement that earned one of our artists $47,000! Your song could be licensed for a film or TV production too. CD Baby sync licensing ensures you’ll never miss a lucrative opportunity to license your music. Big placements don’t happen every day, but when they do, you can earn a lot of money from your music.

Earn money for your music on YouTube

Earn money for your music on YouTube:

CD Baby artists have earned over $5 million in ad revenue for the usage of their music on YouTube, and that figure is climbing fast. When you opt in for CD Baby’s Sync Licensing and YouTube Monetization program, you’ll earn a share of ad revenue generated by any YouTube video that features your music —even if it’s just playing in the background of a video you didn’t upload yourself. So encourage your friends and fans to add your music to their online videos and earn YouTube money from the results.

Frequently Asked Questions

CD Baby Sync Licensing FAQs

What is sync licensing?

Sync licensing, or “Synchronization,” refers to the use of music in films, TV shows, commercials, video games, presentations, YouTube videos, or anything else where a song is “synced” to moving images.

When a song is licensed for sync, a fee is paid to the songwriter/publisher for the usage of the underlying composition, AND to the copyrighter owner of the master recording for the use of the track.

If you wrote the song and haven’t sold the rights, you are the publisher. If you own the recording you are the copyright holder. In this case you would get paid both royalties

Why should I license my music?

Sync licensing has not only become one of the major revenue streams for today’s independent artist, but it’s also one of the most effective ways of finding new fans.

In addition to sync opportunities in film, TV, advertisements, and video games, CD Baby Sync Licensing Program also helps you make money from the usage of your music on YouTube.

We’ve paid over a million dollars in YouTube ad revenue to CD Baby artists, and that figure is growing rapidly — since YouTube has become both the #1 music discovery tool online AND the #1 preferred platform for listening to music among music fans younger than 18.

How much does it cost to license my music?

CD Baby’s Sync Licensing and YouTube Monetization Program is a free add-on for all Standard and Pro releases, so opt in for Sync Licensing today.

How much money will I make from sync licensing?

Big sync placements don’t happen every day, but when they do, you can earn a lot of money from the usage of your music. That being said, no two placements are exactly alike, so licensing revenue will vary (though we will always negotiate to get you the most money possible). You earn 60% of all revenue generated from sync placements of your music.

When it comes to YouTube, it’s also difficult to estimate your earnings from ad revenue because payments will vary according to several factors, including: the kinds of ads served on videos that feature your music, CPM (cost per thousand ad views), as well as how many times videos that use your music are viewed. However, you will earn 70% of the ad revenue paid by YouTube for the usage of your music.

See more Sync Licensing FAQs.

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