Make more money with music publishing

Every time your music is played on the radio, streamed online (including Spotify), purchased in a foreign country, or performed in a live venue, you are owed additional royalties. As your music publishing administrator, CD Baby Pro will collect your publishing royalties for you.

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CD Baby Pro includes all of our standard worldwide music distribution, plus these additional benefits:

Get paid music publishing royalties

Your music can generate more money than you may've realized. Without a music publishing admin, you’ll miss out on mechanical royalties from download sales in territories outside the U.S., plus mechanicals for worldwide streaming (on platforms like Spotify). If these royalties go uncollected, they may disappear. These are royalties that your performing rights organization (such as ASCAP or BMI) cannot collect for you.

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Get affiliated as a songwriter with ASCAP or BMI

Not already registered with a performing rights organization that will collect your performance royalties on your behalf? For US artists, we’ll save you the trouble and affiliate you with either ASCAP or BMI. Are you already affiliated with ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN (Canada), or PRS (UK)? Yes, you can still sign up for CD Baby Pro.

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Get your songs registered worldwide

Your songs will be registered with music collection societies around the world (including ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN, PRS, and many more). Failure to properly register songs is the #1 reason songwriters miss out on royalties owed to them. It’s time to professionalize all of your music publishing rights.

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“With CD Baby Pro, we’ve already made $1,800 we wouldn’t have made otherwise”
— Orion Simprini, The Orion Experience

The Orion Experience were surprised to learn that their music was generating unclaimed income. CD Baby Pro now helps them collect every penny. And singer Orion Simprini believes he’s in a far more promising position than when he was signed to a major label more than a decade ago.

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CD Baby Pro is only available to residents of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Who should go Pro?

Anyone who writes music and/or lyrics! If you write music, chances are your music will get streamed on Spotify, played or performed in a venue, on terrestrial radio, or on Internet radio. It’s also quite likely your original music could be covered by another artist or purchased overseas. With CD Baby Pro, you’ll be certain you’re set up to collect all the publishing royalties that your songs generate.

What type of royalties will I receive?

There are two main kinds of royalties we’ll collect:

  • Performance Royalties
    Performance royalties are owed anytime your song is played in a public venue. Not only does this include when you or anyone else performs your song live, but also when your recorded music is played on TV and radio.
  • Mechanical Royalties
    As an independent artist, it's nearly impossible to get paid all the mechanical royalties you're owed — unless, of course, mountains of paperwork, hundreds of unreturned emails and phone calls, and never-ending admin fees are enough to put the pep in your step each morning. Your performing rights organization (ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc.) is not responsible for collecting these kinds of royalties, so you're still missing out on mechanicals from streaming services like Spotify (worldwide), as well as mechanicals for digital sales outside of the U.S. through sites like iTunes Europe. CD Baby Pro is here to change all that; we'll make sure you get paid what you're owed.

What if I’m already registered with a performing rights organization like ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, SOCAN (Canada), or PRS (UK)?

Performing rights organizations only collect one kind of publishing revenue: performance royalties. If you’re already affiliated with a P.R.O., you will continue to receive songwriter revenue through the rights organization you signed up with. We’ll collect the rest of your publishing royalties — including mechanical royalties that performing rights organizations do not collect.

What if I already have a publishing company?

If you created a publishing company for the sole purpose of signing up to ASCAP or BMI, it won’t be a problem. But If you have a publishing agreement with a third party (a record label or private publishing company other than yourself) we won’t be able to administer your publishing—as you are already in contract with someone else to do so.

What percentage does CD Baby take?

We take an admin fee of 15% of your collected royalties.

Do I retain my rights to my music?

Yes. As always, you keep 100% of the rights to your music.

What if I’m a co-writer?

No problem. You can enter the percentage of royalties each songwriter will receive when you sign up.

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