Sell more music in more places

Distribute your music to every popular download and streaming site. Sell your CDs and vinyl in stores around the world. Make money from your songs on YouTube. Share and sell music on your website and Facebook page. Collect global royalties with CD Baby Pro. No distributor offers more stores, more opportunities to make money from your music, and more heart than CD Baby.

Digital distribution

Sell your music on all the stores that matter: iTunes, Amazon, Facebook, Google Play, Spotify, Rdio, and dozens more. We get your music live on iTunes in a matter of days!

Direct to fan

Sell CDs, vinyl, and high-quality downloads directly to your fans. You set the price and you customize the store. We do all the work for you.

Facebook MusicStore

Sell and share your music on the world’s biggest social platform. CD Baby’s Facebook MusicStore is packed with features and makes it easy for your fans to promote and buy your songs on Facebook.

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Sell music on your website

Embed a music store on your own website. It’s easy to customize and takes just a few clicks to set up.

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Sell on the CD Baby retail store

Tap into a customer base of millions by selling your music in the best independent music store on the planet:

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More money per download

You get paid 91% of download sales, the best percentage in the industry. Sell an album for $9.99 — get paid $9.00! Direct your fans to and make more money.

Millions of customers

Millions of music fans from around the world visit every month searching for new music. Get discovered today!

Highest quality audio

CD Baby offers the highest quality downloads available in lossless FLAC (CD quality) and high-res MP3 320 (as well as regular MP3 format). If your fans want the best sounding audio, tell them to buy your album at

Great customer service

At CD Baby, every single one of your fans will be treated like Customer-of-the-Year. Unlike many music retailers, your fans can actually reach us by phone or email whenever they have a question. And so can you.


CD sales and distribution

Start selling your CD online and in thousands of real record stores around the globe. We’ll stock, ship, and process every order. All you need to do is cash the check!

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Sell vinyl

Offer your vinyl albums on and you’ll also get global distribution to thousands of record stores, plus the option to sell records on your website and Facebook page

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