Get your songs registered directly with dozens of royalty collection societies

As a songwriter, you’re owed publishing royalties whenever your music is performed live, played on radio or TV, streamed online, downloaded internationally, and more. But before you can collect that money, royalty societies around the globe need to know your songs exist in the first place. That requires registering ALL of your songs with dozens of agencies worldwide, a task that would be almost impossible to do on your own.

But don’t worry — no need to spend hundreds of hours on paperwork and learning new languages. With CD Baby Pro, we’ll handle it for you, registering all of your songs directly with collection societies in the US, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands.

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When you sign up for CD Baby Pro, we will:

  • Affiliate you as a songwriter with ASCAP or BMI (your choice)
  • Register your songs with royalty collection societies around the world
  • Collect all the performance royalties you’re owed worldwide
  • Collect all the mechanical royalties you’re owed worldwide

CD Baby Pro is only available to residents of the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

Frequently Asked Questions


Isn’t it enough to just register with ASCAP or BMI?

No, ASCAP and BMI collect performance royalties ONLY. CD Baby will affiliate you with one of those Performing Rights Organizations for that purpose, but if you’re relying solely on ASCAP or BMI, you may be missing out on a big chunk of other publishing revenue — including mechanical royalties for global streams and international downloads.

Do you register my songs with the US Copyright Office?

We do not register your songs with the US Copyright Office. We recommend that all clients copyright their works via

Can I register a cover song?

It is not possible to register cover songs for the collection of publishing royalties. These royalties are only paid to the writers of an original song.

Can I register an arrangement of a public domain song?

No, we are not currently accepting public domain tracks for CD Baby Pro. Only original compositions are eligible.

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